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After hearing from our clients, we have decided to create videos to respond to the most asked questions. Our videos will focus on marketing and business management. We will continue to create videos as we move forward. Our hope is to help businesses move onward and upward. If you don't see a topic you are interested in now, you will see it soon. We are creating blocks of videos at a time.


As you continue to review your marketing efforts you start to realize just how hard the work is. Then you multiply that work by the number of platforms you have to market on. Then it gets even better as you contemplate the nuances of each platform. Not to mention the costs involved.Wouldn't it be gr...

Membership Costs

Membership on Rebel Vino is free! We even have a free level for businesses that are just looking to get started. Our most expensive business level is only $120 per year! We created Rebel Vino to change how people look at the enjoyment of various foods and beverages. The idea is to add to the discove...

Local Radio and TV

Time to get local! Did you know that local radio and local TV ads can be very cost effective? When creating your marketing strategy, you should consider what you can do with both of those traditional mediums. So many people are stuck on social media that they forget all about traditional media and w...

Knowing Your Business

How much do you really know your business? No, I don't mean just what your business does. I mean the personality of your business. What it stands for. How you conduct business. There is so much that goes into knowing one's business that it rarely gets reviewed as a whole. You must take a holistic vi...

Video Usage

When people speak about content creation, arguably, the most important media type is video. Creating videos for your business can set it apart from your competitors and increase your reach to new customers.We explore why videos are so important as you market your products or services.

Social Media Tools

There are tons of tools to help you manage social media. We try to describe what some tools can do and why it may be a great idea to leverage one or more of them. From Sprout Social to Hootsuite to Rebel Reach to Rebel Vino, each tool has its merits.

Social Media Tagging

Tagging is a very important part of the social media marketing process. That said, you should not be haphazard when selecting who or what to tag. You want to be sure the person or company you are tagging fits your brand personality. (We will get into brand personality in another video.)In this video...

Social Media Metrics

So many people get on social media, but do not pay attention to their metrics. In this video we take a few minutes to describe metrics and why they are important.We barely scratch the surface here, but you will see why it is very important for you to understand your metrics. Your metrics can help yo...

Social Media Management

Social media management is not as easy as people think. There is much to be done just to publish the right content on the right platform. Not to mention, you have to do that for every platform you choose to market on. Watch the video and learn a little bit more about social media management.