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The Core of  Rebel Visions

Rebel Visions is a leading management consulting firm, known for its straightforward approach to solving today's most complex business challenges. Rebel Visions works side-by-side with clients to create competitive advantage and drive shareholder value.

An organization that says they can implement a plan based on generalizations is destined to fail their client. Rebel Visions provides sound solutions that may be implemented in real business situations. Our solutions are based on sound analysis and are implemented once we have explored and weighted the most possible avenues.

In today's economy, no one has all the answers. This is why we work in a collaborative effort. This enables us to present the right course of action not necessarily the next big thing. One would think that the rise and fall of the dot com era would have washed the arrogance from consultants at large. We have found that we are still unique in that our "absence of arrogance" approach is still a rarity - humble eyes often see with more clarity.

In lieu of being the "we know everything" organization, our services are focused on business and technology. We do not want to be good at several things; we want to be excellent at few.

Rebel Reach™

Rebel Reach™ combines crucial marketing services with a robust hosting and marketing platform. Now more than ever, businesses must focus on getting the work done efficiently. Rebel Reach™ them to communicate with customers and build stronger relationships without having to employ an in-house marketing department. Our team can design, develop and host websites and create public relations campaigns. All to build and manage your brand to success. We handle marketing and communications so you can handle your business.


GigBlast™ - Professional career profiles that help people market their skills and abilities to potential employers

BeSeenSports™ - Custom websites to help athletes take their careers to the next level

BeSeenScholars™ - Helping students achieve higher levels of success by presenting by creating custom websites for them

BeSeenTutors™ - Empowering educators by providing robust services making it easier to tutor their students

Industry Solutions

Inside Westchester™ - A working example of how newspapers and magazines can share content while maintaining brand independence

Insured Vendors™ - Beyond digital marketing services, providing tools to generate additional revenue from existing customers

Rebel Vino™ - Making it easier for adult beverage companies market more effectively and directly to consumers

Trend Spot™ - A platform designed to help design industry professionals market  and network more effectively

Rebel CIO™

With a focus on Information Technology Governance, Risk & Compliance (IT GRC), Rebel CIO™, is a service of Rebel Visions Corporation, is dedicated to providing outsourced Chief Information Officer services, including the required documentation and processes to help companies ensure compliance with recently enacted New York and South Carolina cybersecurity regulations.

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