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After hearing from our clients, we have decided to create videos to respond to the most asked questions. Our videos will focus on marketing and business management. We will continue to create videos as we move forward. Our hope is to help businesses move onward and upward. If you don't see a topic you are interested in now, you will see it soon. We are creating blocks of videos at a time.

Social Media Funnel

So many companies get this small detail wrong. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not, too. Stop sending people away from your website and to social media.The whole point of social media marketing is to bring people back to a focal point for your business. That focal point should be your webs...

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has been around almost from day one of the introduction of search engines. People have always been working on being at the top of the list. In this video we touch on why it is important, but also why you shouldn't think of it as the only thing you need to do to marketing y...

Platform Choice

One of most important things you can do is get started with social media marketing. That said, it is important to know which social media platforms best suit your strategic objective.Some platforms lend themselves to growing the number of followers for one-way communication. Other platforms are used...

Business Burnout

Everyone has heard of being burnt out. In this video I discuss business burnout and how you can avoid it!

Permanent Pivot

The pandemic has wreaked havoc across businesses of all sizes. That said, small businesses have suffered the most. Many have gone out of business. Those that have not found a pivot. Something that has created revenue stream to at least partially replace the one that was lost during lockdown.In this ...

Influence vs Popularity

​There is a vast difference between popularity versus true influence. There are a lot of popular people out there. Some with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. That demonstrates a tremendous amount of reach. My perspective is just because you can reach a whole lot of people it does...

Video Content

Whether you want to or not, video is a huge piece of any marketing strategy. More platforms are moving to video and away from plain images. Do whatever you have to do, but step up your video game and use them across the platforms that fit your marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

I​nfluencer marketing can be a very effective marketing tactic. Review influencers that have an audience that fits into your demographic strategy. Then review their engagements to see if they are truly influencers or just people with a lot of followers. Sounds crazy, but it does make a difference. I...

Information Hubs

U​se your knowledge and expertise to create a space for people to come to your site and learn more about what they are seeking. You can then couple that with how your products or services can be the solution.