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  • October 30 2014

Your company is nothing special. But, the information your company possesses may be special. You are nothing special. But, what you know may be special. Or, in both caases, it may be what you do that is special. In our day and age, being special or possessing something deemed special means you have something of value. So long as you have something that is of value someone else will want to possess it.

Now, you are asking yourself “Then how am I supposed to protect myself?”.  The truth is you can’t. The fact is you can be attacked just because someone feels like it. In other words, you do not actually have to possess anything of value. It could just be that on any given day, someone simply just feels like hacking you.

If you are in Finance, you may have an understanding of Market Risk. Market Risk, in simple definition is the overall risk of the market sector you are in. This is an easy analogy for Cyber Risk.  In the case of Cybe Risk, you want to decrease your exposure or attack profile. By doing so, you diminish the odds that you or your company will be attack (or, at least hope so).

You can decrease your attack profile by doing simple things.

  1. Make sure you have antivirus software installed and keep it up to date
  2. Make sure you have a separate firewall installed and only open ports you need open
    1. A software based firewall can be installed on computers and mobile devices
    2. A physical firewall can be installed on your network
  3. Check with your Internet acces provider to see what kind of security protection they can offer at their level
  4. Use a VPN to access the Internet indirectly
  5. Be more mindful of the information you share with the world
    1. If a company requires your Social Security Number, question that; there are more efficient ways they can identify you that do not give them key information about you
    2. Be mindful how much you share with websites and search engines

So many people think “who cares? They already have all of your information.” This could be true, but they also purge as time goes on.

Welcome to the cat and mouse world of Cyber Risk Management.