Walk the walk


Planning the Journey

I met with a woman that had a general idea of what she wanted to do with her new business. When I sat with her she gave me a nice overview. It stopped there. She was unable to get into the details of her business. That is when I started working with her to develop a plan for the journey toward success.   Watch this video and learn why planning the journey is important!  

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  • Published Today

Tenacity and Drive

An example of sticking with it. The idea of not stopping just because you get a little bit of resistance. You have to listen to who you are speaking with and find out what they are looking for or identify an opportunity for what you are trying to get across to them. Understand what they want or need.   Listen to how I approached this liquor store with a better way of reaching more people.

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  • Published September 17

Time Limits

I am here to give you tools that can help you move forward in business or your career. In this article we are discussing time limits. You have to understand your time limits when dealing with prospective clients. You need to keep the various stages of the sales process within acceptable parameters. For example, you do not want to spend an hour on the phone with someone during the initial phase unless your line of business calls for a longer duration in order to gather the necessary informatio...

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  • Published September 10

Get it in gear

There are so many people out there offering words of inspiration and motivation. It is my quest to help people actually get it in gear and get things done. Watch the video and make your move!

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  • Published September 03

Select Rebel Visions As Your Office 365 Partner

Naming Rebel Visions Corporation as your Partner is easy.  It only takes moments and you only have to do it once. Setting Rebel Visions Corporation as your Partner in Office 365 1. Log into https://portal.microsoftonline.com, and in the left column, click Licensing. 2. Click your subscription and in the Subscription Details page that appears click add under partner information. 3.  In the Microsoft Partner ID field input 2733724 and click...

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  • Published December 03 2014

Small Business 2015 Social Media Marketing Outlook

2015 is upon us and it is coming with a lot of reality checks for Small Business. They will have to contend with higher competition and a diminishing pool of free marketing resources.  One of the biggest impacts coming in 2015 is Facebook’s clamping down on unpaid marketing posts on the site. In a post in early November, Facebook warned that free marketing pitches or reused content from ads will experience “a significant decrease in distribution”.  The coming change ...

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  • Published December 03 2014

An Introduction To Cyber Risk

Your company is nothing special. But, the information your company possesses may be special. You are nothing special. But, what you know may be special. Or, in both caases, it may be what you do that is special. In our day and age, being special or possessing something deemed special means you have something of value. So long as you have something that is of value someone else will want to possess it.Now, you are asking yourself “Then how am I supposed to protect myself?”.  The ...

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  • Published October 30 2014

Credit Card Surcharge and What It Means To Small Businesses

Today marks the first day companies can charge up to 4% of a purchase as a surcharge.  Although many large companies have shunned the idea of adding yet another expense to unsuspecting customers, many small businesses are contemplating making the extra money.  For the consumer, this means a sticker price of $100 could actually be a charge of $104!  And, that is not including any applicable sales taxes. There are 40 states that have approved the surcharge.  That means the...

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  • Published October 29 2014