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  Aug 11, 2021

Whether you just completed your website today or established your Internet presence years ago, you should take the time to ensure your website is capable of doing what it is intended.

We take the time to describe simple reasons why you need to be more mindful of your website. This includes paying close attention to the message it sends to prospective partners and customers.

Further reading

Fact Flooding

  Aug 11, 2021

The practice creating fact-filled posts and sharing them across many platforms.​ This will help to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings​. The real bonus here is you would be flooding the search results for people interested in products and services you offer.

Video Content

  Aug 11, 2021

Whether you want to or not, video is a huge piece of any marketing strategy. More platforms are moving to video and away from plain images. Do whatever you have to do, but step up your video game and use them across the platforms that fit your marketing strategy.

Influence vs Popularity

  Aug 11, 2021

​There is a vast difference between popularity versus true influence. There are a lot of popular people out there. Some with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. That demonstrates a tremendous amount of reach. My perspective is just because you can reach a whole lot of people it does...