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Project Leadership

The Rebel Visions Project Leadership service is specifically designed to translate an organization’s business strategy into a portfolio of appropriate projects and programs and managing their successful implementation. Project Leadership also provides a toolset to manage this portfolio and maximize return. The Project Leadership Management approach and tools include:

  • Prioritization techniques to develop and optimize the portfolio of change initiatives
  • Program Management tools to ensure the management of risk, benefits and resources across projects
  • Deployment skills to assist with the rapid establishment of a Program Management Office (PMO) to ensure adequate control and coordination from the start
Program Leadership addresses three main business areas:
  • Enterprise Portfolio Management: Assisting clients in translating their strategy into an actionable plan
  • Program Management: Establishing a Program Management Office to run a major initiatives
  • Capital Projects: Planning and delivery of large scale, complex capital projects

Achieving Your Goals

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Why are so many people afraid of compeition? When a big competitor enters a new market a lot of smaller players in that market immediately enter panic mode. Why? Instead of panicing why not step up yo...

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Dumb Dumb Work

There is so much on my plate that I sometimes find myself speeding toward a brick wall. To avoid that brick wall I have created a process for myself that enables me to step back from the harder work a...

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I am by no means a clock-watcher. However, there are limits to how much I am going to devote to a job. Something as simple as answering emails to and from work is overtime. If you are already giving y...

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