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Enterprise Solutions

Rebel Visions' Enterprise Solutions enable companies to integrate processes and deliver information both internally and throughout its value chain. This increases shareholder value, creates competitive advantage, and, is the foundation to building a truly Extended Enterprise.

Over the past decade, we have helped leading companies increase profitability from both the top and bottom lines. We do this by streamlining their business processes and technology infrastructure with solutions from leading software vendors.

It also means that as traditional enterprise resource planning continues to mature, Rebel Visions continues to help companies plan and implement an integrated foundation that increases efficiency. As organizations then look to build an outward presence-extending to Portals, CRM applications, Collaborative Networking tools, etc.-we help organizations create greater external effectiveness.

Our Enterprise Solutions include:

With new technology and an expanding business philosophy, IES spans the entire value chain, from inventory systems that are integrated with suppliers, to financial reporting systems linked to payroll and benefits, to customer management tools that monitor demand real-time. Today our IES practice helps you reach beyond your firewall to build an Extended Enterprise

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