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Information Technology

Business is continuing to move at a neck-breaking pace while information technology continues to push the Internet’s boundaries to new reaches. I.T. executives are facing significant challenges due to these unprecedented changes. No longer is the application of an isolated technology the answer to these challenges.

A myriad of bridge solutions have been implemented in order to overcome deficiencies. I.T. executives have since replaced those temporary solutions with point applications with high ROI expectations. Limited yield has left many I.T. executives searching for solutions that are more comprehensive that address business and technology, and that deliver real and measurable results to the business. Technology implementations must be tempered by the business needs. Only then will you have an implementation that provides a true positive impact to the bottom line.

The iTechnology Integration service area demonstrates Rebel Visions' commitment to aiding our clients in realizing the Internet's potential.

The Rebel Visions iTechnology Integration practice offers clients five capabilities:

  • Development Services - providing system development discipline required to build, modify, customize, and implement software components
  • Enterprise Systems Management & Security - enabling I.T. organizations to achieve operational excellence through solutions that more effectively deploy applications, automate operations, improve service, and secure systems and data
  • Internetworking Services - providing strategic and tactical networking solutions
  • Technical Architecture Services - providing services to plan, design, and implement technical architectures that support enterprise architectures and the migration to e-Business
  • Emerging Business Solutions - providing solutions with vendors in everything from portals to Web development

When determining your needs ask yourself:

  1. Do I have the right information to make timely decisions?
  2. Do I have an integrated view of my existing systems?
  3. Do I want to leverage existing systems to build ROI?
  4. Am I looking to develop internet applications or custom software?
  5. Is my application development environment e-enabled?
  6. Do I want to gain benefits from business process integration?
  7. Is there a perception that my I.T. environment is out of control?
  8. Can I afford an unplanned outage?
  9. Am I at risk from hackers?

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