FLuid Pathway

Operational Efficiency

Being efficient is not the same as being effective. One is all about the reduction of operational costs.  Effectiveness is all about the delivery of personalized services to individual users that enables them to achieve impacting results. Because efficiency is centered around minimal deviation from a standardized approach, effectiveness is often compromised.

Rebel Visions has developed an innovative approach that helps organizations determine what ratio of efficiency and effectiveness will work best for them over the near, mid and long term. We take in account people, technology infrastructure and strategic vision then combine them to create the optimal approach or a given organization.

Today's leaders are tasked with achieving more and are being held accountable for metrics that may or may not be measured against realistic goals and objectives. Rebel Visions helps organizations rethink how they gauge improvement, measure success and increase shareholder value, all the while, gaining competitive advantage.

Planning the Journey

I met with a woman that had a general idea of what she wanted to do with her new business. When I sat with her she gave me a nice overview. It stopped there. She was unable to get into the details of ...

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  • Published Today

Tenacity and Drive

An example of sticking with it. The idea of not stopping just because you get a little bit of resistance. You have to listen to who you are speaking with and find out what they are looking for or id...

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  • Published September 17

Time Limits

I am here to give you tools that can help you move forward in business or your career. In this article we are discussing time limits. You have to understand your time limits when dealing with prosp...

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  • Published September 10

Get it in gear

There are so many people out there offering words of inspiration and motivation. It is my quest to help people actually get it in gear and get things done. Watch the video and make your move!

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  • Published September 03