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  • November 24 2014

Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE) is an SSL v3.0 exploit that has a potential impact on over 97% of the secure sites on the Internet. The POODLE exploit allows hackers to inject code in between a user and a website. By doing so, the hacker is able to steal data by forcing the user’s browser to make virtually thousands of similar requests. The fallback behavior affects all major browsers. Worse yet, a lot of hosting providers and websites are unaware of the problem or are slow to react.

The only way to guard against the vulnerability is for websites to do what the Rebel Reach™ platform does and not respond to requests using the SSL v3 protocol. Rebel Visions built the platform from the ground up with security in mind, including an active risk management program that ensures we are attentive to possible exploits.

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