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Rebel Visions Tames POODLE With Its Rebel Reachâ„¢ Platform

Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE) is an SSL v3.0 exploit that has a potential impact on over 97% of the secure sites on the Internet. The POODLE exploit allows hackers to inject code in between a user and a website. By doing so, the hacker is able to steal data by forcing the user’s browser to make virtually thousands of similar requests. The fallback behavior affects all major browsers. Worse yet, a lot of hosting providers and websites are unaware of the problem or ...

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  • Published November 24 2014

Rebel Visions Drinks Its Own Kool-Aid

After soft-launching the Rebel Reach™ platform almost a year ago, Rebel Visions is finally going to drink its own Kool-Aid! As you well know, your company may often not be as up-to-date with its in-house operations as they would like. This is due to providing services to clients before your own organization. This may seem strange, but often clients have time-critical or mission-critical needs that have to be addressed.  This was the case for Rebel Visions. Once the team was done...

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  • Published November 23 2014