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  • November 16 2014

Industry and Client Challenge

A leading designer and marketer of high-margin, high-impulse, niche accessories designed for the fitness, gift, and travel markets. While operating in three market segments, the Company's products feature an important common aspect -- all of the Company's products are "add-on" purchases for consumers who have already demonstrated an interest in the category represented by the company’s products. The combination of new product launches and key strategic sales initiatives, the company was faced with how to affect cultural change as the organization grows from a small, mom & pop company with engrained silo behaviors to an organization that can embrace changes to business processes, increasing operational efficiencies.

The Environment

  • 250-person company with significant offices in the US, China, and Hong Kong
  • Senior executives are from the founding families
  • Ineffective interdepartmental communication
  • Deliberate effort to communicate as little as possible amongst senior executives

The Solution

  • Identification of core business processes that require accurate and timely communication
  • Development of intra-company company communication plan backed by the CEO that incentivizes and penalizes adherence
  • Implementation of communication and governance plan

The Results

  • A combined communication and governance model specific to changing the corporate culture over time
  • Documented Product Development Life Cycle
  • Improved intra-company relations
  • Ability to leverage best practices throughout the manufacturing process