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  • November 16 2014

Industry and Client Challenge

A financial services organization that delivers technology, systems, and services to help banks and other financial businesses manage and profit from information. Financial organizations can process financial transactions, automate business operations, manage healthcare benefits...all while streamlining workflow and capturing hidden profits. The provide leading-edge knowledge and a service-oriented architecture - creating powerful connections to help you outperform the competition. They needed to know how to affect change in an enterprise level initiative, spanning several continents, being adversely affected by communication between pocket cultures (a pocket culture is defined as teams not sharing the same physical workspace that communicate within the team, but rarely outside of their pocket within a larger, physical office).

The Environment

  • Multinational financial institution
  • Government compliance initiative
  • Three levels of pocket and cross-pocket communication
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Staff

The Solution

  • Identification of root cause of miscommunication
  • Strategic development of new communication plan
  • Implementation of process and technology
  • Simplified and pointed hierarchical reporting

The Results

  • Streamlined and focused communication
  • Team meetings were more efficient and fruitful
  • Communication template for other initiatives
  • Ability to leverage best practices between initiatives